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All Change On The Intertubes

Dear Rachel

If you can smell paint fumes and bubble wrap while reading this, it’s because we have at last launched our new site, and, unless you are getting this via email, you are looking at it. It is very very new, so don’t get too close to the screen as it is still wet in places and may well come off on your hands and clothing.

Astonishingly, it has taken three years to arrive. For the lives of the principle people involved with publicgriefjunkie, those three years have contained two weddings, one divorce, two bankruptcies, four changes of address, several arrests, a death, two major fires, and a baby. Come to think of it, if you put all that to musical verse, it would resemble the Twelve Days Of A Christmas You’d Rather Not Have.

Anyway. Better late than never, and now that the new site is finally among us, it’s like a huge waiter’s been lifted off our shoulders. It has been quite hard work, especially over the last couple of weeks, with an awful lot of awfully late nights, and my eyes feel like I have been trying to blink myself to death with them.

The man responsible for the coding on this site is none other than our fellow East Yard urchin Gary. Despite looking like the kind of thing you normally expect to find hanging from a rear view mirror, or on the end of a pencil, or under a toadstool granting wishes, he’s done a decent job I think. I always felt that going around the last site was like poking about in an old shed, all dark and rusty and claustrophobic. This site is not scared of claustro’s at all, and is much more airy all round. The only similarities are the t shirts – which I’d love to drop at some point this year – and this blog, which only came into being in the first place at Gary’s insistance as something to keep the old site alive, and was only supposed to last until this new site arrived. However, because this site took so very long to arrive, I’ve got used to writing the blog, so we’ll keep it on, as it gives me something to do of an evening. At my age, this is important, as otherwise I’d be out letting off fireworks, vandalising cars, and smashing up phone boxes.

Anyway, however. It is, if nothing else, an exciting time for us. We are not a very glamourous company. Our firmament consists of prostitutes, bankrupts, crackheads, smackheads, hooligans and dodgy characters of every hue and persuasion – which gets quite, I dunno, urgent at times, but which you would only think was glamourous if you were some kind of idiot. I think pretty much all of us will end up in the asylum or the workhouse. Still, at the moment I feel we’re on the up, and yeah, while it never pays to get carried away with yourself, if we were a race horse, for the first time in seven years I’d back us.

Twitter – We only really use this so that I can record how far into Deal Or No Deal the contestant will start weeping about something.

Facebook – Currently holding steady at 112 members. Shot up to 114 at one point, but then two people left. Well yes, it is a committment, being in a Facebook group, and who really has time these days.

(There are no blog photards this week. For some reason we can’t upload them at the moment. Still, Gary’s on the case, so expect this to be resolved by 2014).


  1. Rachel

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    7:17 pm

    oh well, your pictures crash my browser every time anyway.

    and Congratulations yet again! it’s stunning.

  2. Paul

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    8:02 pm

    Thanks, you. It makes the old one look like a canal full of old washing machines.

  3. Ruthie 'Free Massage'

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    10:10 pm

    Paul its fab and I’ve been crying laughing at your posts for months now. I did snub your invite to Facebook initially ‘cos I couldn’t figure out who smug dolphin was, even though I spent 4 years looking at your T-shirts every damn weekend. Your pages on Camden especially kill me, I’ve been known to hurt myself laughing at them. Having traded there I know its all bloody true. Good luck with the new look site XX

  4. Lynn

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    10:20 pm

    Like the new site. Very roomy, lots of space to add exciting new goodies. But please don’t drop the blog, it’s a small highlight in my week. And please don’t drop the tshirts – they are the reason I found you in the first place! Does that put me in the league of the sad? Well done though – definately worth the 3 year wait.

  5. Paul

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    10:30 pm

    Thankyouverykind. I did 250 consecutive weekends at Camden. What was I thinking?

  6. Paul

    Feb 22nd, 2010
    10:38 pm

    Yes, it does have lots of leg room, doesn’t it. The last one was like being trapped in a phone box. Everyone’s been very kind to it so far. Yeah the blog is staying where it is, as it’s the nearest I get to excercise these days.

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