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reluctant facebook group

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Yes we are now all over youre Facebook’s.   Like, we are writing the Facebook group page on one tab, while writing this on the other, as we are quite excited, so yes don’t expect it to look very lovely till Monday, when the weekend is over and we do the thing properly with photards and such.

The Facebook group is called the ‘publicgriefjunkie reluctant facebook group’ and at the moment there is only us in it. Hopefully that’ll change but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Paul and All at publicgriefjunkie


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ogm!!11!!1 teh joint effort’s!!11

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Ahoy there, casual lovers.

Those of you familiar with the far end of the Stables Market at Camden – where, as you might recall, we had a little shop for a while – will know that venturing up the cobbled ramp in the dark and the rain is bleak, depressing, and like accidentally wandering onto the set of Bladerunner, or between the pages of George Orwell’s dystopian classic ‘It’s 1984!’

I popped up there the other Sunday to see what was what, as I’d quite like to get our old shop back, for a lot of the newer stuff we’ve been mucking about with all year. There’s a tarot reader in it these days, which yes, we didn’t see coming. Otherwise, things are pretty much as they were. Steve Veedubs still has the shop next door, for which I paved the way by lying to the former occupant that the market was being demolished. Steve, who once drank a great quantity of his own urine, initially by mistake, is an excellent and trusted friend of the House of Griefjunkie. If, instead of writing Baloo as a lovely old clearly gay bear, Walt Disney had portrayed him as an enthusiastically flatulent ex engineer who is so gadget obsessed that he would buy a dog turd if you put a microchip in it, it would pretty much be Steve.


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