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Saturday Morning, Peckham Road

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Dear Rachel,

I’ve found that an ideal way to test the goodwill of the general public on a Saturday morning is to take a right-hand turn – such as the one from Denmark Hill onto Peckham Road – too fast on a folding bicycle while attempting to charge up the inside of a stationary line of traffic. If you can, it’s best to do this just as it starts to move away from the lights at Grove Lane, although this still only meets half the requirements.┬áTo really make it work, you need to hit a patch of surface diesel, lose the back end, recover it again, and realise that if you continue to follow your new, recovered, path you’ll hurtle straight through the back of a Vauxhall Carlton which has suddenly become visible as the traffic moves away in earnest. All you need to do now is lose the back end again while attempting evasive action, part company with the bike and slide along feeling remarkably relaxed about all these developments and enjoying the sensation of time moving so slowly that, if nothing else, you’ve been given an unexpected moment of clarity and a welcome break from hectic London life.


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