Sizing and Care and that 


Couldn't be simpler. It's a website. Just click on stuff. Easy.

Very often, we'll have your stuff in the post the next day. If we have to do something a bit special, it might take a couple of extra days - which brings us neatly onto:

Teh care:

Yeah, they're t shirts and aprons, not ice sculptures. Instruct your domestic staff to wash everything normally and not iron over teh printing and everything will be just peachy.

Teh tumbledrying:

We wouldn't recommend you tumble dry our stuff. Robust as they are, everything goes nuts in a tumble dryer. It's like flying into a black hole - logic and physics are just bystanders once you press the 'On' button. Hang them over a radiator like we do, or, if you know anyone with a garden, put them on a washing line.

Teh sizing (t shirts only):

Quite honestly, we didn't have a clue what medium or whatever actually meant until recently. However, we've got that sorted now. So here's a handy guide, with imperial - metric conversions, for foreign types.

S = 36 inches = 0.00914 km

M = 38 - 40 inches = 0.00965 - 0.01002 km

L = 42 inches = 0.01063 km

XL = 44 - 46 inches = 0.01127 - 0.01168 km

They are all pre shrunk too, as we found out when we tried to boil a load of mediums in an attempt to make them small. So don't worry about them turning into Barbie and Ken sizes when you chuck them in with your jeans, ballgowns or rubber slut playwear.

Teh Colours:

Even though we already have all colours of teh rainbow here - blaoc, olvie, blue and red - we can get hold of pretty much any damn thing you want, via the magic of crime. So let us know if you want any crazy pigment action.

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