We don't really encourage wholesaling, but it's a big world out there, so we are told. We only really see Chalk Farm Road, the Duke of Wellington public house, and Junction Road, Archway - and with splendour like that on your doorstep, you aren't likely to stray. However, if you live somewhere else - Newbury, perhaps, or Kilburn - and want to get our stuff into your shop, contact us here:


...and we can have a bit of a natter. We also show at London Edge twice a year. Being the only thing that isn't a black latex mini skirt or a backpack shaped like a coffin, we're pretty easy to find.

Also, can we just point out that we need you to be an actual business with an actual premises and so on. We can't be doing with any more 'HELLO I AM AN EBAY POWERSELLER AND I HAVE 5000 POSITIVE RESPONSE'S AND YOU'RE SHIRTS WOULD LOOK GR8 IN MY SHOP' emails. Dealing with that sort of thing would contravene our strict 'No Pikey' policy.

While we're at it, Sale or Return can jog on, too.

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